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Prospective Students

Interested in applying to the SF State Chinese Flagship Program?

We invite you to submit an application form if you are a current or incoming SF State undergraduate student with a clear professional objective in using the Chinese Language. The SF State Flagship Program has two distinct study phases, Prep and Partner.

Which Phase is right for me?

Flagship PREP Study Phase

  • A pipeline that provides additional language and cultural training opportunities for students at the Elementary Mandarin Chinese proficiency level or belowMinimum 3.0 GPA required for program entry.

Flagship PARTNER Study Phase

  • A pioneering combination of content-based language instruction and study abroad immersion for students at the Intermediate level or aboveMinimum 3.2 GPA required for program entry

Application Deadlines

Priority Deadline - December 31

  • Applications for both phases received by December 31 are eligible for Flagship funding. To apply for Flagship funding, please review the Flagship Scholarship application.

Rolling Deadline through Spring 2014

  • Applications for the following academic year that are received after the December 31 deadline will be accepted on a rolling basis through the Spring 2014 semester and will be reviewed upon receipt. Flagship funding for applications submitted after December 31 is subject to availability.

Application Materials

Acceptance to the program is based on the individual applicant’s satisfaction of all program eligibility requirements, Mandarin Chinese language proficiency level (if applicable), academic record, required essay(s), letters of recommendation, personal activities and accomplishments.

Please submit your completed application packet  via email to or by mail to:

Chinese Flagship Program

San Francisco State University

Department of Foreign Languages, Humanities 475

1600 Holloway Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94132


If you have additional questions about the Flagship application process, please contact us at


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