Program Overview

Flagship Chinese Language Coursework at SF State

Courses listed below is a representative of most student’s programs, all Flagship students will meet with the program advisor to develop an individual study plan that meets their needs. Students with previous Chinese learning experiences may start at a different level than Chinese 101.

Year 1

Fall:     CHIN 101: First Semester Chinese

            CHIN 175: Flagship Language Lab I

Spring: CHIN 102: Second Semester Chinese

            CHIN 176: Flagship Language Lab II


Year 2

Fall:      CHIN 103: Third Semester Chinese

CHIN 177: Flagship Language Lab III

Spring:  CHIN 303: Intermediate Chinese

CHIN 375: Introduction to Academic Prose (recommended)

Summer: Partner Phase Summer Language Training

              CHIN 311: Conversation and Reading              

              CHIN 312: Speech and Writing


Year 3

Fall:      CHIN 401: Advance Chinese

CHIN 410: Building Chinese Media Literary

Spring: CHIN 501: Introduction to Classical Chinese

MLL 325: Linguistics for Foreign Languages


Year 4

Fall:      CHIN 521: Chinese Modern Fiction (Flagship Content Course)

             CHIN 475: Flagship Chinese I

Spring: CHIN 550: Flagship Domain Training

CHIN 601 or 611 (GWAR)


Year 5

Fall:      Capstone Year Coursework (Required)

Spring: Capstone Year internship (Required)


Prep Phase Summer Language Training

Prep Phase students are eligible for scholarship funding to help support summer study at Indiana University or the University of Rhode Island. We recommend this option for novice to intermediate level students interested in summer language study. For more information on the Flagship Chinese Institute at Indiana, please visit the Flagship Chinese Institute website. For more information on the URI Chinese Flagship Immersion Program at the University of Rhode Island, please visit the URI Chinese Flagship Immersion Program website.


Partner Phase Summer Language Training 

Flagship Partner Phase students and students that have completed CHIN 303 are eligible to enter a Flagship summer overseas program. Intermediate level students already enrolled in the Flagship Program who meet stated proficiency requirements are advised to apply for Flagship-approved overseas summer study programs to complete the summer study component. Proficiency requirements are verified by standardized assessment.

Flagship-approved programs for Summer 2019:

Domestic Summer:

Overseas Summer:

Flagship Capstone Year

Flagship students who have completed all program requirements and are assessed at an advanced proficiency level are eligible to apply for the Flagship Capstone year overseas. The Language Flagship administers Capstone programs at Nanjing University and at Beijing Union University. Both Capstone Programs feature direct enrollment, one-on-one tutoring and professional internships in China. Past students have interned at companies like TEDx Shanghai, Investment Company Transist and Chinese fashion brand Coco Bella among others. The Capstone year is designed to advance student's Mandarin language proficiency and provide experiential learning opportunities.